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We're always promoting awesome products and programs, and you can make an impact and an income as an affiliate promoting our work to your audience. Once you register, we will send you a confirmation. Then, when we are launching our next new promotion, we will send you full details.


 We ALWAYS pay on time and we treat our affiliates like family and make it SO easy for you. We give you all the sample email copy and your unique links to promote to your audience. You help us spread the message about our promotions, you earn 40% of each sale you refer.


We'll do all the order processing. You just sit back and collect your checks! There is NO limit to the number of people you can get commissions for!


Here are some ways you can promote us:

• In your newsletter

• In your e-zine

• On your website

• On your website's links page

• In editorial coverage on your website


Here's the easy, three-step process for you to begin collecting commissions:

1. Fill out the Affiliate signup form (click here).

2. Check out our Terms and Conditions.

3. Submit the form.

4. You will receive a code that lists your affiliate login information once you are approved as an Affiliate.

Become an Affiliate Today!


Remember, spamming is NOT allowed. Violators will be removed from our affiliate program immediately and commissions will NOT be paid. We are not responsible for inaccurate claims made by affiliate members.


Commissions will be paid 45 days after the close of the month the sale referred sale was made, to allow for cancellations or bad payments. (For example, an affiliate sale occuring in August would be paid in mid-October.) No commissions will be paid on cancelled orders.


Please note: Unfortunately, you cannot sign up as an affiliate and apply the commission for your own product or service purchase or subscription. Got Questions? Send us an email at [email protected]