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Wellness Talks Series:

The Truth Behind Vaccines:


Many have known people who have had reactions to a vaccination, or have questions about getting vaccinations for themselves or members of their family.  In this presentation, Dr. Craig will discuss the theories behind how vaccines work and some of the controversy around vaccinations.  He will also discuss what can be done to strengthen and prepare your body to handle a vaccination.


Dr. Craig will answer these questions and more:


•Which vaccines does my child need to get, and which should be avoided?  How many can a child safely receive at one time?


•Is there really a connection between vaccines and autism?  How can you lower the risk of

vaccine-induced autism?


•How much of a danger does mercury in the vaccine preservative pose?  Can I receive a version of the vaccine without the preservative?


•Is there enough safety testing done with vaccines?


•Should I get the flu vaccine?  What about  the shingles vaccine?


If you or someone you know has had questions about vaccines, then this is a talk you won't want to miss!

When: June 26th at 6:45




The Wellness Spot

1115 E 5th Street Washington, MO 63090

Space is limited so best to RSVP here