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Wellness Talks Series:

Mitochondrial Poisoning and Anti-aging: How to look  Good and Stay Young


> Exploring the connections between hormone imbalance, chronic fatigue,  premature aging, and free radicals exposures <        


Many of us experience tiredness and fatigue throughout the day, even to the point of having a hard time keeping up with family and friends.   Despite getting plenty of sleep, staying awake and focused can be a  challenge.  Sometimes you might feel like you are slowly falling apart, and can’t figure out why!            


In Dr. Craig’s next talk, he will discuss what free radical damage can do to the nervous system, endocrine system, and immune system.   Free radicals act like poison to the mitochondria, which can result in us feeling run down and lead to aging prematurely. The mitochondria are like energy packs for all the cells in the body, and once they get over-burdened from the effects of free radical damage from the  environment, these important cellular organelles get congested and clogged up.   The end result is a cycle of fatigue.      


If this cycle continues, we begin to see premature aging and the onset of many diseases of the nervous system. Damaged and poisoned mitochondria are at the root of many degenerative diseases, including Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, and ALS.      


So if you would like to get an energy boost, fight free radical damage, and slow the aging process to a crawl - this is a talk you will want to hear!  

When: 6:45 on March 20th


The Wellness Spot

1115 E 5th Street Washington, MO 63090


Space is limited so best to RSVP here